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30 April 2015

Brands must not get stuck in the past

Our Grocery Marketing Director Helen Warren-Piper has featured in ‘Marketing Magazine’, talking about how heritage brands need to modernise and not get stuck in the past.

In an exclusive article on the Marketing Magazine’s website Helen talks about some of the challenges age old brands now face to evolve and meet the needs of today’s consumers.

“Heritage can be a great foundation for a brand, but businesses must be careful not to get stuck in the past and let it hinder growth and innovation” said Helen.

Referencing Bisto, Helen points out how this much loved brand has kept in touch with consumers through marketing campaigns such as the “Bisto Together Project”. 

“Brands built on such fundamental beliefs can evolve with the times as their core truth remains relevant.  In fact, the brand’s sentiment of ‘Togetherness’ is even more relevant in today’s fast-moving society.  So, in 2014/15, we have naturally evolved the campaign into the ‘Bisto Together Project’, which seeks people looking to be reunited with family over a Bisto meal. Filming these people has been heart-warming and consumers have loved the content generated,” said Helen.

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