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31 March 2017

Happy Birthday Ambrosia!

Throughout 2017 we’re celebrating Ambrosia’s 100th birthday and going behind the scenes to explore what makes it so special. 

One reason is our commitment to quality… from the fresh, local West Country milk we source through to our constant investment in state of the art production to lock in that goodness, our commitment to quality has remained the same for 100 years… only the best for Ambrosia!

To discover more our comms team took a trip to the West Country to trace the journey from farm to finished product. They met with some of the local dairy farmers and creameries that we source our milk from (including Farmer Rob Fry who can trace his family’s connection with our Ambrosia creamery all the way back to when it opened in 1917!) and they interviewed colleagues at our Lifton site to learn more about how our delicious Ambrosia desserts are produced.

Hear from farmer Paul George about his herd of Holstein Friesian Cows, famous for producing high yields of quality milk. Just like Rob Fry, Paul puts the welfare and happiness of his cows above all else. Paul’s cows have access to roam outside all year round, and in the Spring and Summer months enjoy grazing on lush West Country grass.

Read the full feature on our corporate website! 



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