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04 April 2017

IGD's Feeding Britain's Future Campaign

In 2017, we're continuing to support the IGD's Feeding Britain's Future campaign. 

The main objective of the FBF campaign is to help tackle the issue of youth unemployment by providing valuable pre-employment advice and training to young, unemployed people aged between 16 and 24 years. The topics covered during the workshops include; how to prepare a CV, interview techniques and confidence building. 
We've supported this initiative since it first began in 2012 and during this time our colleagues have gone into schools, up and down the country, offering employability skills training and raising awareness among teachers, and pupils, about the variety of skills and opportunities available in the food and drinks sector. 

IGD has identified eight essential employability skills that will help set students up for future success and will play a significant role in the Feeding Britain’s Future workshops.
The eight essential employability skills identified are:
Entrepreneurial: The food and grocery industry is teeming with start-up companies that are founded on drive and spirit to try something new and launch products to market. Shoppers are always looking for new and interesting products and the industry needs curious people who can spot these opportunities.
Creativity: Some of the nation’s most loved food and grocery products and brands started off as an idea. For those good at bringing ideas to life, from marketing roles to packaging design, the industry needs creative-thinkers who can share their vision with others.
Teamwork: Products don’t appear on supermarket shelves by magic; there’s a huge and complex supply chain working behind the scenes to get the right product, at the right time, in front of the right person to buy it. 
Communication: From translating technical product information into shopper-friendly messages to providing great customer service on Twitter, there are hundreds of opportunities across the food and grocery industry to use your communication skills.
Leadership: All companies need inspiring and confident people to move their business in the right direction and the opportunities in food and grocery are boundless. Many senior figures in food and grocery companies started on the shop or factory floor and with hard work, determination and resilience, have worked their way up.
Digital: From ensuring shoppers can buy groceries on their smartphones to making deliveries by drones, technology is transforming the food and grocery industry. Having the digital skills to respond to the latest trends while applying it to the real world is crucial.
Practical: The food and grocery industry is built on people who think practically to discover why and how things work. From transport engineers to manufacturing roles, practical skills sit at the heart of the food and grocery supply chain.
Analytical: From food scientists ensuring food is safe to consume, to supply chain analysts able to distil data and insights to move products from farm to shelf efficiently, there are a vast number of opportunities for those with analytical skills in food and grocery.

Alongside the eight employability skills, IGD has launched a new five minute video to showcase the diverse range of roles available in the food and grocery supply chain and highlight how people use these skills at work - watch it on YouTube here.


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