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09 August 2017

New limited edition Mini Rolls

Our Cadbury Cakes team are helping the whole family to extend their summer fun with three new limited edition Mini Roll flavours!

Available in Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op now the new range includes: Honeycomb, Marshmallow and Hazelnut flavours in packs of five - perfect to add a bit of excitement into lunchtime as the summer holidays get well underway.

Carolyn Longcroft, Senior Brand Manager Cadbury, is looking forward to consumers’ reactions to the new range, saying: “The three flavours were carefully researched and chosen to ensure they helped drive the core range and would increase sales at a key time of year for Mini Rolls. Having a new range is exciting for the brand and will increase customer interest plus hopefully attract new shoppers to the Mini Rolls range.” 

So free the joy this summer and find out which flavour is your favourite!


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