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17 August 2017

‚ÄčOur colleagues go back to school

As the start of the new school year rapidly approaches, so begins the next phase of the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD), Feeding Britain's Future (FBF) school visits.

Feeding Britain’s Future brings colleagues across the food industry together to inspire the next generation. It provides insight into the variety of roles within our industry and we’ve already had a number of colleagues across the business take part. Hear from some of them below...

Alex Zahran, Commercial Reporting Associate, PBS: “It's an enjoyable way to give something back to your community and help students in making informed choices with regards to their first job, career path, and learning experiences. Interacting with someone who is already in a full-time job and has various years of experience is something that benefited them greatly.”

Ellie Kruper, Sales Director, St Albans: "It was a great opportunity to help the students understand the world of work better and the types of jobs available in an industry which is not as well known as other industries. I enjoyed talking to the children; they were funny, interested and inquisitive.”

Lisa Allen, HR Manager, Worksop: “The day was so much fun, I met some lovely colleagues from our industry, and it was a unique way to connect with young people. I've always had an interest in helping others to realise their learning potential, so was keen to pass on my personal experience to provide authentic insight for every level of ability.”

Dillan Unadkat, Director of Sales Finance, St Albans: “They're really well organised sessions by the IGD; you don't have to prepare in advance and on the day you're not alone as there will be 4-5 other volunteers. The children were full of enthusiasm; they appreciated our involvement and asked some really interesting questions.”

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