Governance & reporting

While being responsible and sustainable is integrated into everything we do, we maintain a senior Steering Group to oversee our bigger initiatives and to consider the progress we're making against our targets.

Driving progress

The Sustainability Steering Group meets quarterly, is chaired by our CEO and includes representatives from our Business Units and functions. Reporting to the Steering Group are four work streams focused on driving progress against our key priorities: health & wellness, sustainable supply chain, skills for young people and communication. Each workstream establishes specific goals and key performance indicators to measure progress.

Engaging across the board, gauging success

We engage with a wide range of stakeholders to improve our understanding of current issues and inform our policies, strategies and plans. These include trade associations, government departments and agencies, MP’s and parliamentary groups and non governmental organisations (NGO’s). 

We report overall progress against our targets and plans through our website, our annual report and through other periodic reports. 

Did you know?

We make 16,000 Sharwood's Poppadoms an hour!

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"(Oxo) Made a delicious fish pie with lemon and thyme herbs and more plopped into my white sauce...really lovely subtle flavours which complemented the fish to a tee!" Source: Facebook

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You'll find one of our much loved brands in 96% of British households.

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When were Mr. Kipling cakes invented? Where does the name Bisto come from?

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Caring for the environment, and building trust in our supply chain.

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