Sustainable Supply Chain

From farm to work, we work tirelessly to produce and deliver the best quality products in a safe, ethical, environmentally sustainable and efficient way.  

Sourcing key materials

Around 95% of everything we sell is produced in the UK using ingredients, raw materials and services mainly from UK suppliers. This ensures we keep our supply chains short and standards high, with quality we can trust.

Safeguarding the environment

Reducing our environmental footprint is a key priority for us. Using fewer natural resources and generating less waste is not only good for the planet, but it helps us reduce our costs and become more efficient.

Promoting ethical standards

We are focused on championing high ethical standards throughout the supply chain from our efforts to prevent labour exploitation to our approach to animal welfare.    

Ensuring quality

The safety and authenticity of our products and ingredients is further reinforced by our leading food testing centre, Premier Analytical Services, which carries out more than 80,000 individual tests each year. 

Brands people love

You'll find one of our much loved brands in 96% of British households.

Our brands

100 years of history

When were Mr. Kipling cakes invented? Where does the name Bisto come from?

Our heritage

Playing our part

Caring for the environment, and building trust in our supply chain.

Our part

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