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Sustainability: Our Enriching Life Plan

As one of the UK’s leading food businesses and home to some of the nation’s most loved and iconic brands, we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to forge a healthier future for our people and our planet. 

We are very proud of what we’ve achieved over the last few years, however, now is the time to push ourselves harder; harder for the health of our consumers; and harder for the health of our planet and the communities we serve. Having spoken to a range of our stakeholders including customers, colleagues, scientists, campaigners, trade groups and policy makers, we’ve strengthened our sustainability commitments in pursuit of our purpose, Enriching Life Through Food. 

Our new strategy, the Enriching Life Plan covers material aspects of sustainable development and encompasses everything we touch, from the ingredients we source, to the communities we serve. It sets out how we can challenge ourselves more to fulfil our responsibility as a business by making nutritious and sustainable food, contributing to a healthier planet and nourishing the lives of our colleagues and communities. It sets our scope of work for the next decade, with targets to 2030. 


Our Headline Targets

*All targets are 2030 against a 2020 baseline unless otherwise stated

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Our Approach and Governance

Being a responsible business is not new at Premier Foods and our strengthened Enriching Life Plan builds on the great progress made over recent years. The landscape is rapidly evolving, and it is important that our strategy enables us to effectively tackle emerging issues and meet evolving stakeholder expectations. We’ve therefore taken stock of the external landscape, to understand our role as a major UK food manufacturer, undertaken a materiality assessment to identify areas where we can have the biggest impact, set bold new targets and established a new governance structure to drive our progress forwards.


Our Baked-in Behaviours and Policies

Our Baked-In Behaviours are areas where the business has developed real strength and expertise over the last years – becoming integral parts of our day-to-day practices. They are translated in a series of policies and standards which we expect all colleagues, suppliers and partners we work with to follow.


Our Products – Making Nutritious and Sustainable Food

Fully aligning with our commercial and brand strategies, the product work helps consumers to lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles by creating foods that are rich in nutrients, more sustainable, and free of unnecessary or problematic packaging.


Our Planet – Contributing to a Healthier Planet

With strengthened commitments on tackling climate change and deforestation, improving the sustainability of farming practices and reducing waste, the planet work of our Enriching Life Plan contributes to a healthier planet, by placing sustainability at the heart of our operations and nurturing the natural resources that we rely on to make our food.


Our People – Nourishing the Lives of Our Colleagues and Communities

In Our People work, we will be building the culture, skills and capabilities needed to help the business, the UK food sector and wider economy thrive in the future, and give back to the communities where we operate.