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Baked-in Behaviours and Our Policies

We are passionate about running our business in the right way and we have a strong set of principles to help us do that. We call them our Baked-in Behaviours.

As one of the UK’s largest food producers with millions of consumers who enjoy our products, we are always working to ensure the quality and safety of the food we make. Our focus on safety extends to our colleagues and those in our supply chain, ensuring we source with care and from those who share our values. As part of our efforts to support healthier and more sustainable diets, we market our products responsibly to help consumers with their choices. While we drive forward our work on decarbonisation and global environmental issues, we never lose sight of our obligations to protect local environments around our sites. Underpinning our approach to all of these issues, is our commitment to do the right thing, in the right way.


To be clear about what we stand for in these areas and what we expect from our colleagues, suppliers and partners, we have a range of policies which we regularly review to ensure they reflect our drive for continuous improvement. Like the rest of our Enriching Life Plan, we link our policies, standards and technical procedures to leading industry and international standards and agreements where possible.  

Many of these policies are publicly available (see below) and this year we’ve increased disclosure on our performance and progress on a broader range of key issues by adopting the Food and Beverage sector guidance from the Sustainable Accounting Standards Board (SASB), available in our results centre. 

red-petal-small.jpg Animal Welfare Documents
red-petal-small.jpg Anti-Bribery and Corruption
red-petal-small.jpg Colleague Welfare and Human Rights Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Ethical Trading Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Palm Oil Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Soya Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Environmental Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Gender Pay Gap
red-petal-small.jpg Marketing to Children - Responsible Marketing Policy
red-petal-small.jpg Preventing Hidden Labour Exploitation Modern Slavery Statements