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Our Approach and Governance

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are constantly evolving and our strategy is responsive to this, dealing with both changing and emerging threats. As businesses, policy makers, non-governmental organisations, scientists and citizens understand the issues better, new international and national policies, and voluntary and industry frameworks are being developed to help drive action. 

Our Enriching Life Plan builds on the findings of our most recent materiality assessment, which considers the views of a broad range of stakeholders to identify and prioritise the issues most relevant to our business and where they should be addressed in our Enriching Life Plan (see graphic). 

Working in Partnership

In order to help shape a more sustainable UK food system, we are members of many industry-leading groups which facilitate collaboration and accelerate action. By participating in these initiatives, we hold ourselves accountable against industry-wide targets and strive to contribute to wider change. Where we feel we have a unique contribution to make across the broader industry we engage more, with colleagues currently holding steering group positions on the UK Plastics Pact, The Courtauld Commitment 2030 programme and The Food Data Transparency Partnership. 


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Our Governance

We believe everyone at Premier Foods plays a part in delivering our Enriching Life Plan and sustainability lives at all levels of the business: from our Board who has oversight of our strategy and of our climate related and other ESG risks, through to our specialist Working Groups who report into our ESG Governance Committee, and our networks of passionate colleagues like the I&D Ambassadors, Green Matters or Charity Champions, who all help us to bring our Enriching Life Plan to life across our business.

Our disclosure and reporting approach

Holding ourselves accountable against our targets is essential. We publish progress against our Enriching Life Plan annually and details can be found in our Enriching Life Plan disclosure tables in our results centre. We remain committed to sharing our data and progress with industry platforms such as the UK Plastics Pact, Courtauld Commitment 2030, Champions 12.3 and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). We are also reporting against the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) disclosure framework for the Food and Beverage sector which can be found at this link.