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Our Purpose & Values

Our values and purpose help guide us every day. They outline what we're all about and the kind of company we want to be. 

Watch our video on YouTube and find out more about our purpose, Enriching Life Through Food

Enriching Life Through Food


Our purpose

Our purpose reminds us what we're here to do – enrich life through food.

It guides us, it motivates us, and it’s reflected in every element of how we run our business today. It means enriching life for our consumers by ensuring that the food we create enables people to lead sustainable, healthier lifestyles and by creating loved brands that bring moments of enjoyment to their lives throughout the day.

It also means enriching life for our colleagues by creating an inclusive culture of entrepreneurship, where people can reach their full potential, as well as attracting the very best talent and embracing diversity along the way.

Enriching Life through Food is about making food in a way that respects the world’s resources, the same resources we rely on to make our delicious food. Whether that’s reducing our environmental footprint through climate action, reducing food waste, or maintaining high ethical standards across our supply chain.

By continuing to enrich the lives of our consumers and our colleagues as well as the planet we live on, we can nurture our business effectively and sustainably, and look forward to many more years of healthy growth ahead of us.


Our values

We’re committed to creating a truly Great Place to Work. Our shared values give us a common framework for decisions and help guide us in the way we do things, and we challenge each other to live them day by day. Over the last few years, significant progress has been made in embedding the Group's purpose and values across the business, increasing investment in communication and engagement with colleagues, and up-weighting training in areas such as leadership and inclusion.

As one of the UK's leading food businesses, we employ over 4,000 colleagues, and we're committed to creating a truly great place to work. Our shared values are the DNA of our business and act as our moral compass helping guide us in the way we do things. They give us a common framework for decision making and enable us to challenge ourselves, and each other, to ensure we live them day-to-day.


we aim higher...
we're determined to be the best, consistently delivering at the highest level.


we champion fresh ideas...
we're creative in what we do and how we do it.


we are agile...
we're energetic and act with pace.


we are united...
we achieve more when we work together.


we respect and encourage one another...
we bring out the best in each other.